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Welcome To "The Restaurant Blog (That Literally Nobody Asked For...)"

I'm blogging now. I don't know how I feel about it, nor do I have any idea where it will go. So please, temper any expectations.

I've been aware of the existence of blogs for probably 20 years now. I know that "blog" is short for "web log." I know blogs are written by any "Joe Schmoe" who cares to write one. This may be, quite literally, ALL I KNOW about blogs.

For the 20 years I've been aware of blogs, I have spent all 20 actively dodging them to so I don't potentially waste my time reading (what I fear will ALWAYS be) the uninformed opinions of the afore mentioned, "Joe Schmoe." Is it fair to categorize all bloggers this way? Absolutely not... But I do have a similarly unexplored distaste for the entire concept of audio books, for whatever THAT's worth. Please don't judge too harshly before you give us a chance, lol.

So this right here -- THIS is "'The Restaurant Blog' (That Literally Nobody Asked For...)"

Forget the title. It's not important. But I have a gut feeling that far more of you will enjoy this "blog" than those who don't... I'll even go a step further by predicting that some of those who grow to love it, may be the skeptics (like myself) who didn't want to read it in the first place! I suppose time will tell...

My Mission(s):

#1 - Provide and insider's look into not only our restaurant, but the industry as a whole.

If I'm going to spend even one minute of my time "blogging," I hope it is to provide content that my restaurant team will appreciate reading to learn more about the ins-and-outs of what we do, why we do it, and what challenges we face -- in real time. The Hearthstone Bistro is frequently categorized as fine-dining, but we like to think of ourselves more as "casual" fine dining. Come as you are, and forget the stuffiness found at most "fine dining" restaurants. We strive to deliver high-end food & service. We take ourselves seriously, but not TOO seriously. We want you to feel comfortable when you dine with us. If you aren't sure what a particular dish is, or how to pronounce it, we'd love for you to ask! Sometimes the fear of asking questions, or the fear of feeling "dumb," inhibits our desire to learn. Well, take it from THIS "Joe Schmoe" -- those individuals with curiosity, and a never-ending desire to learn -- they change the world. Everyday. At the Hearthstone, we embrace those with the curiosity and passion to learn. We've been fortunate in building our team (and our guest list) with many individuals that share these very passions.

#2 - Offer some fun & interesting insights into little things we enjoy and appreciate in the world of food and drink. These may include submissions from Executive Chef Nick and other members of our Team, or it may simply be sharing and article from a magazine or the newest food show our team has fallen in love with.

In the same way I love the thought of our guests feeling comfortable enough to learn more about food and drinks within the waIls of The Hearthstone, I hope you'll feel at home reading this blog. The tone will be casual, and hopefully easy to follow. While my target audience will be (at times) my own crew, I feel the topics we cover may address many questions people have about restaurants in general. If you have never worked in the restaurant industry, but want to take a peek behind the curtain -- maybe this blog will be for you. Maybe it won't. That's okay. Our only agenda is to share information that we feel is of value for those who are interested. Take it or leave it. =]

Welcome. And thanks for taking the time.

Ben Soyars

Hearthstone Bistro

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I have a running list of topics I plan to cover and will likely post 2-4 times per month. But, if you have any burning questions or have suggestions for something you're like to learn more about, share them here in the comments! I'd be happy to address any areas of interest!

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